Tidying Up Electronic Kimono

When you reach tidying up your Kimono (aka miscellaneous) we discover how much clutter we have electronically…hundreds of PHOTOS saved on our phones, cameras and uploaded onto our computers among other locations. I started several years ago creating family year books for each year which forces me to go through each year’s pictures and pick several of my favorites of each event or each day and I discard the rest. My family review these books regularly which bring joy to me and them. Another form of electronic clutter is EMAILS!! I had thousands of emails saved on my personal and work accounts. One other form of electronic clutter I had was USB sticks! Wow, I had duplicate stuff on them including pictures and various documents. I recommend placing all electronic documents in one location such as your computer hard drive or a USB that can hold all the information and go through each photo or documents one by one and keep what brings you joy or you need to keep for various reasons and discard the rest. It sounds daunting but you will be surprised how quickly you can complete this task once everything is in one place. Once you have dealt with all this clutter you will feel lighter and more joyful as I did. Once you have discarded please remember to back up your remaining data on another source i.e. cloud or external storage device. Happy Tidying!!

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