Tidying a Linen Closet

Maintaining a tidy Linen closet can be tricky as it’s a communal area where others are adding and removing items regularly. Before members of my family would pull out a towel half way down the pile and stuff the towels back that came tumbling out after the selected towel leaving a mess.

However, since I tidied my linen closet using the KonMari method it has remained in order. My family takes more care and time to put items back into the closet.

Check out my before and after pictures of my family linen closet. When I first organized ours there were so many towels that were all stacked on top of each other and the towels in the bottom section never got used and became stale and squished. I washed all of our towels which drove my husband crazy as he knew as I was going to discard many of them so he said “only we wash our garbage” however I needed to see which ones felt the best at their best. Happy tidying!!!

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