Before Tara taught me about The KonMari Method I was like most people in terms of hanging onto items that never get used.  As well the process showed me things that I forgot I had because they were hidden in a closet or bookshelf.  Once I decided what clothes I wanted to keep and which ones to donate Tara showed me how to fold and store my clothes which is fantastic.  The way my clothes are folded and stored shows me all of my items in a drawer, nothing is stacked so you can see everything.  Getting dressed is much more time efficient now.  Furthermore I’m not wearing the same item over and over again because its at the top of a pile.  The same holds true for physical items such as books, puzzles, kitchen accessories and old pictures etc.  Once I decided what to keep and donate the rest my shelves became manageable.  Ultimately due to working with Tara my spaces are no longer cluttered, kept only what I want, my house is much more tidy and best of all it gives me a good feeling.  My advice is to not rush and go slow.